Business Offers by BMO

Customers are offered plenty of choice, from commercial mortgages and business loans to specialized banking, accounts, and credit cards. Credit cards are of several types, standard, affinity, and rewards cards with points toward charitable donations, theatre and events tickets, products, and more.

Rewards Points

Specialty cards feature premium flight discounts and points redeemable for merchandise, including wireless speakers, blankets and duvets, headphones, and more. Customers choose from different categories, including floor care, tools, home décor, luggage and business accessories, sports and leisure, and others. There is a selection of items in categories such as experiences, hobbies, green products, and others. There are specialty cards such as the BMO World Elite MasterCard that feature unlimited rewards, travel credit, VIP airport lounge access, and more.  As a premier card, customers benefit from a simple booking process, no blackout dates, priority passes, and other benefits. Customers benefit from optional features such as roadside assistance, winching, extrication, battery replacement, and more. There are other business cards to look into, including U.S. dollar cards.

In addition to rewards points, the Bank of Montreal offers a selection of financial products with cashback, no annual fees, no interest charges, and others. There are consumer cards with exclusive discounts on travel, dining, fashion accessories, and more. Prepaid cards are available to customers with tarnished credit and go with low fees. This card can be used as a standard card but payments are not reported. Popular BMO credit cards such as the BMO Air Miles and World Elite MasterCard. Customers are also offered student credit cards with exclusive discounts of up to 15 percent. BMO also features union, sports, and other affinity cards to help customers support charities and other establishments. The bank partners with different establishments such as Doctors of BC and the Union of Taxation Employees. BMO MADD Canada is one card with exclusive discounts, pre-authorized debit, and other features. While some cards have minimum income requirements, they support charitable causes such as health and wellness. The Cancer Research Society card is one example and offers benefits such as reservations, entertainment recommendations, discounts, and more. Other types of affinity cards are the Support Our Troops MasterCard, MADD Canada, and the Calgary Zoo MasterCard. Customers of BMO are offered business lines of credit, business cards, and other products. Clients are offered cards with low annual fees and points toward deals, travel specials, and weekend retreats. Customers choose from different MasterCard options with exclusive earn rates, roadside assistance, rebates, and more.

Secured Cards for Save Borrowing

Customers take different factors into consideration when choosing between different credit cards. Generally, issuers offer secured cards to clients with poor or fair credit.

SecuredBalance transfer cards are designed for borrowers who wish to transfer high interest rate balances. Financial institutions offer competitive interest rates to attract new customers. There are many benefits for users provided that they don’t exceed the limit. Usually, balance transfer cards are offered to new card members. The length of the promotional period and the interest rate are two factors to consider when making a decision. Late payments are to be avoided or your credit score will plunge even more. While the low APR is the main advantage, opening multiple cards is a red flag for financial institutions. Your bank will increase the interest rate if you are late on your payments. While banks offer promotional interest rates, this is the lowest rate you can get. Competitive rates are usually offered to customers with a very good or excellent credit score. Besides, the low APR is valid during the promotional period only. While the interest rate is low, some issuers charge high annual fees. Secured credit cards are also offered to customers who are considered risky borrowers.

Most banks that offer secured cards require a deposit of $300 to $500. Issuers require a deposit to guarantee timely payments. Check with different issuers, including banks and credit unions, before you make a decision. One benefit of using a secured card is that your credit score will improve if your issuer reports to all agencies. Your issuer may offer an unsecured card if you make timely payments. Some financial institutions will return your deposit and upgrade your account. Check the fine print for penalty interest and predatory fees. The higher risk of default explains why many issuers offer higher interest rates to borrowers with poor credit. Whatever your case and financial situation, make sure you pay the balance in full. As a rule, this is an option for borrowers who can’t get approved for a standard card.

There are other solutions depending on your income level and credit score – cashback, airmiles, no annual fee, store credit cards like Walmart Credit Card – Canadian Credit Card and more. Many issuers offer balance transfer cards with perks such as cash back on movies, restaurants, gas, and other purchases. Retail companies and department stores also offer credit cards to customers. A department store card is one option but make sure you pay your balance in full. A charge card is another product without a spending limit. With charge cards, customers are required to pay the balance in full.

The Freedom of Using Credit Cards

Unlike debit cards and cash, credit cards are accepted by most online and offline retailers. Some rental car agencies, hotels, and many airlines do not accept cash as well, and having a credit card makes buying things easier. Credit cards are a flexible borrowing instrument, with cardholders being allowed to make purchases up to a […]

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