Air Miles Travel and Other Rewards

Airmiles cards are offered by Canadian credit unions, small banks, companies, and big banks such as CIBC, Toronto-Dominion, Royal Bank of Canada, and others. Specialty cards offer perks and exclusive benefits such as sign-up bonuses, frequent travel programs, travel statement credits, miles back, and affordable interest rates:

Perks and Discounts

There are specialty cards with dining and travel benefits, access to exclusive airport lounges, and entertainment planning. Canadian banks feature specialty cards with airmiles ( that go toward airfare, electronics, tickets, and more. Cardholders benefit from perks such as free nights at luxury hotels, beverage and food vouchers, and additional cards. Cards with no foreign transaction fees are ideal for frequent travelers and international travels. There are many benefits for bank clients, including limited offers and stays at private retreats and high-end boutiques. Financial institutions also partner with major Canadian and other airlines and offer bonus points toward air travel. Customers earn additional points in the form of WestJet dollars: Long haul flights to Alaska and Hawaii require between 45,000 and 55,000 rewards points. Points can be redeemed toward first class tickets as well.

Travel and Other Rewards

Premium travel cards also feature concierge service, including sight-seeing reservations, special searches for major brand and hard-to-find merchandise, and temporary office help. Many cards go with perks such as reservations for ship, train, limousine, and air travel and access to activities such as skiing, scuba diving, and others. Customers are offered AMEX, Visa, and other cards with travel and hotel credits. Travel cards feature exclusive dining experiences, discount admission for amusement parks, room upgrades, and other benefits. Most cards feature variable APR, companion reward flights, and the option to double miles. There are premium cards with points that can be exchanged for Asia Miles and WestJet dollars. Ask about fees and charges as some banks charge $50 per application. Other fees and charges to watch for include balance transfer, application, and late fees, finance charges, over-limit fees, and others. Clients with average credit are offered travel cards but higher interest rates apply.

Applying for an Airmiles Credit Card

Airmiles cards are reserved for high income earners and creditworthy applicants. Banks look at types of outstanding balances, savings and money market accounts, and other financial information. Provide information about your monthly rent or mortgage amount.