Credit Cards by Scotiabank for Flexible Travel, Special Amenities, and Merchandise

Scotiabank offers convenient banking and borrowing tools such as currency and account services, credit cards, and lines of credit. Cards come in different versions, including student, low interest, cashback, and others. Scotiabank features cards by American Express and Visa and offers perks such as travel benefits, special promotions, extended interest-free periods, and many others. Points are redeemable for merchandise such as disc players, briefcases, home entertainment systems, bangles and necklaces, LED smart TVs, and other merchandise. There are different rewards categories to choose from, including investment and credits, gift certificates, and others. Merchants offer plenty of rewards, including training bikes, travel gear, and other merchandise. A training bike, for example, requires 226,400 points. There are plenty of recreational items and electronics to choose from, from wireless keyboards to Bluetooth speakers. Rewards also include investment and credit dollars, precious metals, gold bars, and a lot more.Clients can also choose from a selection of specialty cards that feature points on entertainment, dining, and shopping. Participating hotels and chains offer complimentary suite upgrades, free nights, and other privileges. Clients enjoy VIP access to music festivals, major events, and private style consultants. Specialty cards feature VIP lounge access, including internet and email space and refreshments. antiquemoney

Scotiabank features online tools for enhanced shopping security and point redemption. It is easy to request supplementary cards online, and no fees apply on additional No-Fee ScotiaGold Visa, Scotiabank Value Visa, and Scotia Momentum No-Fee Visa cards . There is an option to transfer existing retail and gas card balances. Some cards go with an introductory rate that is as low as 0.99 percent.

Rewards Cards for Business Owners

The bank also offers specialty cards to business customers, including cards with unsecured and secured rates, large limits, cash back, and no annual or monthly fees. Business cards feature added benefits such as flexible repayment schedules, personalized checks, and attractive discounts at participating merchants. Customers are offered credit vouchers and gift certificates. Customers can choose from specialty cards with investment vouchers, comprehensive insurance, and brand-name merchandise. Consolidating card payments helps save on service charges.

Penalties and Fees

Business customers provide information such as average account balances, depreciation expenses, and annual net profits. Customers who fail to meet the monthly payments are assessed penalty interest .