Prevent a Situation Where You May Need a Bad Credit Loan

Bad credit loan usually refers to a loan that is given to a borrower with bad credit history due to late payments and defaults on a loan by the individual. Financial institutions typically do not lend money to individuals with poor credit history because of the high risk of default (see a list of lenders here: Life on Credit). But, when a financial institution advances money to an individual who has poor debt ratings, they charge higher borrowing cost increasing the total repayment amount. Two types of bad credit loans exist; secured and unsecured loans. Secured bad credit loans are mostly pledged by a house or a plot that is in ownership of the borrower. Unsecured bad credit loan is not backed by any property, land or vehicle and thus is not awarded generally nor is it very common.money1

Usually obtaining a bad credit loan is considered a decent way out for individuals who possess poor credit rating, yet, getting such a debt may offer a host of issues. These problems need to be considered before making a decision to get a bad credit loan. Since bad credit loans usually charge a very high interest rate, it is possible that getting such a loan to fulfill some immediate need may prove to be disastrous to your current debt problems. Usually bad credit loans charge an interest rate of 15 points more than the prime rate.
Additionally, individuals may put themselves into a vicious cycle of loans if they are obtaining a bad credit loan due to their default on a previous loan. This may put you in an irreparable position. Therefore, to prevent such a situation from arising, it is necessary to avoid a hasty decision in getting a bad credit loan. You can also ask your closed ones for assistance in your time of need to support you in making a better conclusion.

You may also prevent a situation where you need to get a bad credit loan by organizing your expenses and preventing any unnecessary expenditures. Once this is done, you may be able to save some amount every month gradually relieving yourself of your debt problems. Additionally, it is also considered wise to make monthly budgets and plan ahead in order to prevent yourself from landing into a bad credit situation.

Prior to reaching a conclusion of obtaining a bad credit loan, it is wise to analyze various parts of the debt and then arrive to a conclusion. Looking into other options is useful because it aids you in matching the interest rate and the length of the loan that different creditors may propose. Besides, paying a large down payment is also useful as it lowers the loan and hence lightens the burden of responsibility on the borrower.

Rewards and Beneficial Features

The bank offers a selection of retail rewards and everyday cards such as CIBC Tim Hortons Double Double Visa and CIBC Select Visa. The bank offers platinum and standard cards with affordable rates on cash advances and purchases. There are student cards with airmiles on dining, shopping, hotel stays, and gas purchases. They feature added and optional services such as credit monitoring for new bankruptcies, collection items, new trades, name and address changes, and more. Other tools that go with CIBC cards include management tools with personal spend categories, customized categories, custom budgets, and tracking. The bank also offers retail rewards and travel cards with premium privileges and benefits such as welcome bonuses of 25,000 aeroplan miles, extra miles for purchases at select retailers, and grocery and gas purchases, preferential treatment, and other perks.  There is travel CIBC credit card that feature custom spending limits, easy and quick reward redemption, and flexible travel options. 

Holders also earn extra rewards points at participating inns, hotels, spas, and restaurants and there are no hidden costs or fees. With travel cards, customers choose from major destinations such as Washington, Chicago, London, Paris, and many others. Businesses and individual customers are offered international and specialty services, investment tools, credit cards, and other products. Customers can choose from business, everyday, standard, retail rewards, and other types of cards.

Merchandise and Travel

CIBC partners with merchants and hotel chains that offer weekend gateways, tickets for exclusive performances, and travel. Home and garden merchandise is also offered, including hand tools, home appliances, and furnishings. Clients use their points toward phones, gadgets, home theatre systems, and more. Clients can choose by brand as well, and participating merchants and manufacturers include Apple, Esso, American Express, and others. Customers are offered a wide array of merchandise and activities such as travel accessories, travel gift cards, cruises, and more.

Cardholders can choose from hotel gift cards, cruise certificates, discounts on travel packages, and a lot more, but certificates are non-exchangeable and non-refundable. Business customers can choose from Visa cards with competitive rates and spending limits of up to $50,000. The Aerogold Visa Card for Business, for instance, features travel privileges by Visa and Air Canada, aeroplan miles, priority boarding, guaranteed reservations, and gift cards. CIBC also offers investment and wealth management services, day-to-day banking solutions, and other products.

Student Cards to Meet Unexpected Expenses and Gain Experience with Credit

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Credit Cards by Scotiabank for Flexible Travel, Special Amenities, and Merchandise

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TD Personal Credit Cards

Toronto-Dominion features flexible and convenient borrowing solutions designed for commercial clients, small businesses, and individual borrowers. Bank clients choose from credit and debit cards, private client banking, and other services and products. Toronto-Dominion features several cards for business customers, going with no point limits, travel assistance, and other perks. In addition to aeroplan cards, customers […]

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Specialty Prepaid Cards and Perks

Prepaid cards are offered to customers with fair and poor credit and serve as a convenient non-credit payment solution. Gift cards are one option to give money to friends, relatives, and family. Customers choose from various store-value cards to keep expenses under control. Prepaid products are offered to start-ups and entrepreneurs, customers with tarnished credit, […]

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Applying for a Personal Credit Card

When applying, customers fill in an application form to be reviewed while banks run a credit check. Banks request different types of information, and the minimum requirements include being of the age of majority and having a Canadian credit file. Customers are asked whether their payment history is clear of negative events such as delinquent […]

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Business Offers by BMO

Customers are offered plenty of choice, from commercial mortgages and business loans to specialized banking, accounts, and credit cards. Credit cards are of several types, standard, affinity, and rewards cards with points toward charitable donations, theatre and events tickets, products, and more. Rewards Points Specialty cards feature premium flight discounts and points redeemable for merchandise, […]

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Credit Cards by Capital One for Affordable and Premium Shopping and Exclusive Upgrades

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